Multiple languages for your Software

Christian Hampshire
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Hello :) We're in the process of building a SaaS and we're wondering how others may have approached Multi-Lingual support. Have you used a service? (if so, what?), An interpreter? You have multilingual team member(s)? You've used Google Translate? or..? Also out of curiosity, at what point in your journey did you implement such support/decide not to? Regards, Christian


Stephany Dionysio
Perhaps this is one of the most tricky questions on SaaS operations. In terms of the internationalization of your SaaS, what languages do you have available for users to use? Let's say you translated to 15 different languages, the quick answer will be "if people can use your SaaS in 15 different languages they should be able to open a support ticket in the same language they are using the software", right? Well, no. Let's say I am german and I choose german to be my official language on the SaaS. Whenever I need to open a support ticket, I can do that in English because the majority of German people can also speak English. On the other hand, if your user is Brazilian, there is a much higher chance he'll have issues communicating in English (not being biased by assumptions, I was actually born in Brazil and I know that people struggle with that). I'd rank your users by country and I'd research the English proficiency level of each country to understand which one has the most difficulty with that language. Then I'd conduct a pilot of multi-lingual support with this one, so you can learn your lessons and adjust your operations. As for the platform, I've heard about but I personally never used it.