Most effective ways for cheap travel

Daniel Geisinger
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Working on a points/miles for travel optimization start up, wondering how many people here are miles enthusiasts/interested in our point optimizer! We will be active here on product hunt imminently, so let me know if it's something that's up you alley!


LaMarcus Wilson
I love to travel but I don't get to do it as often as I would like. I plan every trip carefully. I have already started planning my vacation this summer and now I am looking for where I can buy cheap flights. Can anyone share such kind of sites?
Clutch Nixon
The most efficient way to travel is flights. As for cheap flights, you need to look for them. Once I wanted to fly with my girlfriend for a weekend in Budapest and started looking for tickets. I found these Myflightsearch reviews which ended up on a site that helped me find the cheapest flights. We spent a wonderful weekend in Budapest and these memories will stay with us forever.