Most effective PH launch tips for newbies?

Julian Rejmanowski
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Hi PH community! So excited to be part of this community. What are/were your most most effective PH launch tips?


Paul VanZandt
I haven't launched yet, but my biggest emphasis has been building up community and (some) reputation on PH to hopefully drive engagement!
Julian Rejmanowski
@paul_vanzandt that makes a lot of sense. Could you emphasize on the point you made about building up a community?
Paul VanZandt
@julz_ray Yeah, no worries. I try to post a unique discussion every day and interact with as many posts/people as I can to create a lot of engagement. The community is fairly open to connecting and supporting each other so it's just about being consistent here and building a small network of support. Hope this helps!
Shreya R Nambiar
@paul_vanzandt @julz_ray I agree! Building up community and gaining followers is what helped me. I come online here every day and interact with the community and also start my own discussions.
Lucian Marin
@paul_vanzandt That's true. I wish you have an option to deprecate old products from our profiles. Reputation matters when building quality products.
Danny Hatcher 🔎
@julz_ray @paul_vanzandt this seems like the advice being shared all over. I am curious how active the discussions are?
Corey Haines
I wrote this guide that's got pretty much everything you need to know :)
Sudheer Bandaru
@corey_haines This is awesome, Corey! Particularly liked the email you sent to your community. Curious to know if you tracked open and click rates of the emails, and figured out if people opened around midnight?
Fabian Maume
If you are newbie I would say the best is to get in touch with a hunter.
Siena Romes
Build your community, know your audience, and launch on weekdays!
Danny Hatcher 🔎
@siena_romes Any weekday in specific? I was thinking Friday as it close to weekend but then again maybe Monday is better as it is the start of the week.
Farokh Shahabi
1. Think of a killer tagline for your product! Let’s face it, 80% of visitors won’t open your product page, no matter how great you are. BUT, they’ll see your title and tagline. Don’t be boring and simply tell what you do. Think of fun ways to differentiate your product from others. A hook that will attract your audience. 2. Add an eye-catching description for your product It’s not only about your startup, it’s about the story behind your startup. Why did you start this company? What do you do? And, How do you do it? How are you better than others? People love to know about the history of your company, your challenges, and your achievements. So tell them your story! 3. Talking about features could become boring very fast! A good practice is that always state the benefit and value of the most important features you have instead. By stating their benefits, people are more likely to understand them and give them a try.
Ludovico Petrali
@farokh_shahabi Totally agree....Especially on point 3, I recently raised the pre-seed round and I found that also VCs gets bored quickly if you talk about features... they want to go straight to the point->straight to your value added. Think its similar with users
Julian Rejmanowski
@farokh_shahabi @ludovico_petrali very cool thanks for the great structured response
Deb Mukherjee
The biggest learning would be that upvotes are only one piece of the pie. Comments/reviews matter a lot more. So, if you're asking for engagement, ask folks to leave a relevant comment too.
Michael Xing
From what I've heard from experienced makers, I would say definitely focus on building a loyal user base that can help you build momentum on your launch day!
Abasiama Akpan
This has been helpful. A truly great question.
Kazimieras Melaika
We're still in the process to launch but our strategy - build community, analyze PH's products daily to better know the trends, the best way to present your product, etc. Btw, we’re launching in late May. Check out our upcoming PH page: Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed habits, health, symptoms, and meds tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.
Yesser Falk
@kmelaika can you connect your app with wearables?
Dylan Merideth
getting in touch with a hunter, being a consistent presence on PH itself, and building another presence on a social media platform to be able to cross-promote in the hopes of broadening an audience
Having an audience to reach out to, is definitely important when you're going for PH launch. I too was a newbie to PH, 6 months ago so I had a hunter hunt my product. It did go well :) But last week, after having built an audience, I launched a product I was working on by myself. And it ended up as #4 product of the day with great results in conversions.
Ben Bohbot
Hello :) You are welcome to take inspiration from our campaign