Monday Blues - How can you beat them?

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1. Just think it is not Monday 2. set a goal for Monday before going to bed on Sunday night 3. Remind yourself that Monday is another chance to reach for your goals.
Eugenia Russell
@gogloballakshmi Very good point. It is nice to think of each week as another chance as you say.
Take your time, listen music, do something you love, take a long drink and look everything you've done during the next week ! :)
Eugenia Russell
@jacquelinclem As you have said before, by taking your time on a Monday morning you can learn a lot of things and have a very creative start.
@jacquelinclem @eugenia_russell Actually! A creative start! Thanx!
Blake Wisz
@jacquelinclem @eugenia_russell this is how I approached today as well. Taking the morning as a planning morning vs. doing morning.
Mayank Gupta
Wake up and do something different. Meditate or cook breakfast or just read a book. Or do pushups. Something which you usually never do on a monday. The basic idea is to trick your brain into thinking that it's another weekend with some work to do!
Eugenia Russell
I really like this question. I think the answer would be different depending whether the founder has a full-time job, part-time job or working solely on their own projects.
@eugenia_russell The answer might as well vary from person to person! We all have our secret ways to beat the Monday blues! Don't we?
Alex Anderson
A good brew of coffee normally does the trick for me.
Ajay Symon
I like squeezing a workout in my Monday morning routine and it really helps kickstart my week energized
Jamie McCue
I go for a walk in the morning, no headphones, just listening to the surroundings.
Loud Coffee Press
Good music, freshly ground coffee, and a brisk walk to get ideas flowing
Utsha Sarker
just sleep and listen music
Daniel Bird
Never forget that "Monday" is simply a word us humans have all agreed to call it. Think and write down what would make you not care if it were Monday tomorrow, and would actually make you excited to get up, and strive toward that. That may mean being your own boss. Starting at 10am. Delegating grunt work and managing. I am fortunate enough to have done this, I have a long way to go though. Life's a swim, not a climb. Good luck!
Ari Cohen
Set goals, have a physical achievement when you finish a task. I like to spend a little time in the morning outside with a cup of coffee to get my day started on the right track.
Romain Cernik
A nice cup of dark roasted coffee and it launch my day like it was never monday :)
Hwei Oh
Start the week of (after getting the kids to school) with some exercise to get the heart pumping! I use Monday mornings to plan out my week, goals, meetings etc. Hopefully what you're working on is something that does motivate you, so your Monday blues can be quickly dispelled! If you really hate what you're doing... look for something else or at least an outlet to spark your creativity.
Richard Fang
I acutally asked this question recently haha! For me, it's just sitting down and setting up my schedule for the week via Trello :)
@richardfliu Ahh..!! It's a question we all want to ask! Isn't it? Thanx Richard!
Roy, the world is beating a lot more than just Monday blues unfortunately so. Reaching your targets is not any harder on Monday than on a Sunday or a Wednesday. In fact Monday is the day I look forward to and make my sales engagements.
Uku Kudu
Use timers and press START and just do for two minutes 😇
Adrian Topka
Basically I try to start as soon as possible. When I start, the rest is easy. Just start. Now.
Nicole Tj
1. Have a checklist + tick off EASY goals to build momentum. 2. Your favourite coffee. 3. Have a good laugh :)
Nevine Eltonbary
I spend half of Monday responding/initiating the standard water-cooler conversation with colleagues "So, what did you do this weekend?" - I like small talk so it easily distracts me out of a Monday funk 😃
Arko Ganguli
I just get to work, there is no way around it, is there? After an initial struggle of a couple of hours I get into the groove.