Meeting up with friends - anyone faces this problem too?

Kay Hin
1 reply
Hello fellow Product Hunters, it's my first day here on this platform and I like what I'm seeing so far. Wanted to get some feedback on a problem that many of my peers seem to have - finding it hard to meet up with friends. I'm referring to the stage where everyone has already decided to meet up, but there is sometimes a lot of friction involved in 1) finding a common time and 2) finding a place that satisfies everyone. I am genuinely curious to find out from you people: 1) Whether you face this/these problem(s) too and how annoying it is for you on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being a tickle and 10 being a super annoying problem that you are willing to pay substantial amounts of money to solve it 2) If you face this/these problem(s), what are the current solutions you are using to circumvent them? Messaging apps, meeting apps, calling, etc.? 3) What are some things that are sorely lacking in the current solutions you are using and what are some features that you think you would want to have? Thank you all for your time! Would love to connect and understand more about this aspect of your lives :)