Maybe you are not at faulty but the tools you are using.

Gaurav verma
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Hi, This is something I tried and wanted to share my experience with the community. Maybe someone is also going through the same and this can help him/her. I am into the B2B market, and my primary way of reaching out to companies is by cold emailing them. I was using tool X to send emails and the response I was getting was below average. I started to question myself, the copy, the strategies I was using. I was expecting something else but was not close to it. One day I found out a new tool, tool Y, here on PB and to please my curiosity I compared my tool X with this newfound tool. In the comparison, I found out that if you send emails with tool X, the majority of them land in spam. This info was shocking for me because I was paying for tool X. I switched to this newfound tool Y and my stats improved. Before you judge yourself, maybe the thing at fault is your tools, not you or anything else.


Atul Ghorpade
Worth reading. Btw, any tips you can share for cold emailing? 1. Tools(free or paid) 2. Templates 3. etc.
Gaurav verma
@atulghorpade 1. I have used three tools so far. ZOHO (Cheapest) - Don't go with this one. Emails land in spam without you knowing. Hubspot (Most expensive) - Have many good functionalities but you are limited to 2000 contacts with their marketing line at the end of the email in free version. Paid one is expensive. Sendgrid - Paid and Free version both available. Expensive than zoho but cheaper than Hubspot. You need to know a little bit of coding to get full value out of it. 2. Just don't use a template. Remember if you can find something via google, there are 8 billion other people who can find out the same thing. 3. Don't take advice from the people who have never done the thing you are currently doing. Always find the people who have either reach the destination you want to reach or are ahead of you in the journey. Only these people can understand what you are trying to do and guide you. I hope this helps you. If you want to ask anything else, feel free to. Remember, you have to bear the pain now so you don't have to no more or bear it forever in small quantities.