Marketing folk - have you ever heard of Headless CMS?

Alex Belding
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Hey, I am curious to hear from all the marketing folk on here - have you heard of headless CMS? I feel like the headless CMS is exploding in the development community but I am wondering if it is getting out to the rest of the folks involved in websites. Feel free to answer the poll :)


Alan Gleeson
Hi Alex, Headless is still a dev dominated solution. I'm argued elsewhere that the category has a marketing challenge. Marketing leaders are usually time pressed and have to deal with a MarTech stack that is ever expanding. I do feel awareness is rising (Feb 2024) but from my experience the knowledge gap amongst marketing leaders is still significant. Finally most Headless CMS vendors focus primarily / exclusively on the dominant ICP - the tech lead , to the neglect of the primary user - someone sitting in marketing. This needs to change to help accelerate awareness. Alan