Managing your ideas is hard! Tell me about it...

Emmanuel A. Simon
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Hey Everybody, I'm working on an idea....about ideas ā€¦and the process that individual use to manage all the ideas they have. If you got 2 spare minutes please fill out this 2 question poll for me. Thanks in advance. #ideamanagement #idea #innovationšŸ¤© #BuildInPublic


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Hi @uelsimon! I answered your survey! Im working on a similar topic and thought it would be interesting to chat and share some insights :) Let me know what you think!
Co-Founder, Grsp
@dominique_sharpin totally.. happy to connect
Tech entrepreneur and product strategist
filled the survey. good luck bringing your new idea into the market šŸ‘
Co-Founder, Grsp
@sabk Thanks a lot... hopefully in time for Christmas
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good luck with your idea!
Co-Founder, Grsp