Makers, what do you spend too much time on?

Ben Guzovsky
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David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
Building product without talking to users. We've been working on fixing that now and are better at it, but initially we were in our own heads too much.
Ben Guzovsky
Maker @ Perrfy
@between_team I feel the same way! The features we used to prioritize weren't always the ones users needed most
Surender Singh
Used to spend a lot of time building and refining the product. Now spend all my time marketing it.
Gleb Braverman
Founder, Speakezee
Reading, walking, thinking and talking to peers!
Ben Guzovsky
Maker @ Perrfy
@gleb_braverman no such thing as too much time relaxing!
Ruben Wolff
Unfortunately, I spend way too much time in meetings
Ben Guzovsky
Maker @ Perrfy
@rubenwolff Ah! The whole world empathizes with this one