Looking to talk to female founders in France

Laura Bokobza
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Hi ! I'm in the process of clarifying my positioning as a Business Sparring Partner / Shadow CEO (I've been accompanying businesses in the past, as a mentor, a board member, or a paid advisor). I'd like to have a 45 minutes chat (no sales pitch, an interview) with female founders / CEOs based in France (not necessarily french-speaking) who have used a mentor / advisor / consultant in the past 12 months. If you're one, contact me ! If you know of one, introduce me ! Thanks a lot for your help ! Laura


Fabian Maume
Maddyness could be a good source of information for you to find people to interview: https://www.maddyness.com/2016/1...
Laura Bokobza
@fabian_maume thanks, but I need to be sure they have been using a business coach / mentor / advisor in the past, so it's better to confirm with someone who knows them :-)