Looking to get some feedback.

Shannon Atkinson
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If a new social media option was available, what would get you to try it out?


A new social media platform is like a great opportunity for creators with a low audience can grow their product by relaunching it on different platforms, no matters whether its small or big.
Vanshika Chaturvedi
I think it is a fact that every social media platform gets flooded with creators after a certain point in time It happened with Facebook, then Instagram and now even LinkedIn is on the verge of saturation A new social media is a great opportunity for new creators to explore and experiment with their content without facing any stiff competition.
Qudsia Ali
I think I would go with the part that enforces uniform rules.
Davor Kolenc
If the platform has great community features where you can engage and ad value, I'm in.
Emelie Hebert Poulin
There are a lot of features that I would like on social medias but I think that is time to put back the "social" back at the heart of social media. A place to build a personal community without being bombarded with ads, brands, coaches ect... Community features gets my vote. :)