Looking to find a perfect website Visitor tracking software

Gokula Raja K
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Hey Guys, I maintain 2-3 websites related to Web Design and a Construction Company. My website traffic per month is around 500-600. Yea that's a pretty low number and IAM working on to increase it. I need few suggestions about website visitor Tracking software, so I can identify my leads and reach out to them via email or other possible sources. I have searched over internet, and I was able to find Zoominfo, hubspot tool Leedfeeder These are too costly and not up to my budget I also saw few deals on LTD Exact Visitor , Can someone suggest me which one will be the best or is there any other alternative available for website visitor tracking Thanks in advance :D


John Smith
What about user.com? The identification feature is not that strong but it is quite cheap.
Nikita Dutta
There is a pretty cool service provider I came across, and I would recommend you try it as well. LeadMagic (https://leadmagic.io/) helps businesses to know their website visitors and identify their potential leads to engage with them and convert them to customers efficiently. I was able to get a lot of information through them, such as the pages that the website visitors went through and the time spent there. This helped me understand the requirements of particular businesses looking for services that I provide.
Nikita Dutta
I have come across many website visitor tracking tools but nothing works better than LeadMagic ( leadmagic.io ) as it helps me to get complete information about my website visitors such as the businesses that visited, the pages they had a look at, the duration they were on a particular page, the source through which they found out about me and much more. It has to target the right prospect with the right message.