Looking for the feedback of our product's website 🙏🏻

Liza Karelina
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Hello, guys! We have updated the website of our product and need some feedback from you. https://attrack.com/en/ Do you understand: - What is the product about? - Who is the target audience of the product? - How may get you the product? Thanks a lot!


Rashmi Gupta
Before I could read whats there on the page, the page moved and next page came..hard to follow
@rashjbp yes right, carousel on the main page is a bit fast. Either increase the sliding time or make it manual so that user can slide by his own
Chandan Das
Seems like It is related to Hubstaff and better for employee managment
Liza Karelina
@chandan_shopify Yes, it is. Thanks for the feedback
Dimitris Karavias
Automated time tracking for companies? But it moves too fast and the colours are bright so I didn't get more than that on the first read. The text suggests that screen-time equates to performance (Find out the level of activity of employees at the computer), something I highly disagree with.
Vio Vanica
First impression: it's a B2B website. I am not sure what made mme feel like it is too busy: the text (I think it's a bit too much) or the color yellow( it's quite bright for me as well) or the fact motion effect (I think it's a bit too fast). Even if it is B2B I relate more to images that have people in them. I am wondering if you use any kind of tool like maybe hotjar to track the eyeball of the visitors.
Prateek Mathur
I'm confused, why do I need a time tracker? Who is your ICP? The page moves to quickly, can you stop this effect? @elizaveta_karelina
Shivam Ramphal
To me you have great content, but I feel like your throwing all this information at me at once and I cant digest it properly. I would recommend using Hotjar to see where your users are bouncing off or have the most traction :)
Jack Davis
The page moves over before I was able to read the content. I think it seems like a b2b but I am confused about this time tracker concept.
ali ata
Dear Elizaveta, first, congrats for your project. I think you should simplify your site, you've gone into too much detail, it's hard to understand
Dylan A. Gallagher
I don't know how the product works - time tracking seems very ambiguous and the screen slides move too fast to read.
I think the slideshow can be a lot slower. Also, there's a lot of words on the website overall, this can be shortened. The call to action button was missed because the slideshow was too quick.
Nikita Dutta
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