Looking for the feedback for our product's Landing page

Omar Zirite
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Hello, guys! We need your feedback. https://www.analyticr.com/ Do you understand: - What is the product about? - Who is the target audience of the product? - Are the widgets implemented overwhelming? - Did you notice something we can work on? Thanks a lot!


Hi, here is what I understand from browsing the page: - You are like Google Analytics but maybe with more features for the UX Designer? (Heatmap, track user journey ...) Here's what I think of the design: - Is this a real testimonial? The image is from Sketch Data, I see them every day. - The "Free" price seems to have more features than the other one. It's silly because it's just visual but at first glance I can't tell why it's better to pay. - On the registration page, the password condition is displayed after I failed, which is annoying :/.
Prateek Mathur
Analytics for web visits. Can you figure how to add action steps based on web visits? There are lots of companies that provide web analytics, but none that provide what to do next based on analytics.