Looking for feedback on my sideproject - website to read newsletters away from clutter of inbox

Vaibhav Jain
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Hello PH community, I am looking for genuine feedback on my sideproject - https://letterdash.io. The motivation is to see and read email newsletters away from clutter of inbox and have a clean, distraction-free experience. Following are the features provided: - See all your newsletter subscriptions in a single dashboard. - Pin your favorite subscriptions to the top of dashboard - Read all emails for a newsletter in infinite scroll - Bookmark emails to read later - See number of unread emails for a newsletter. I developed it to scratch my own itch but I was hoping that it'd be useful to others like me who have multiple newsletter subscriptions and don't really enjoy reading them in email inbox. However, so far I haven't received any response. If you think it's useless, please let me know :) It's always good to get explicit feedback. Thanks


Deep Sherchan
I think the problem you are trying solve do exist. I mean, i read tonnes of newsletter on my email and its always difficult to manager. However, it is a problem with multiple different solution and depend on user's reading habbit. The product you have made might be able solve your specific problem and few people might get interested to try it out.. But like with all the newsletter apps, soon it also ends up becoming one extra thing to check :) I guess you know what i mean. we have hundreds of note taking app and we keep moving from one to next. It is a general problem with this market.. but also an opportunity.. But coming back to you app. May be it would be better to have a plugins within your email client rather then a separate app all together. Asking people to adopt one extra app is a big challenge and hard to scale. But a plugin can fit nicely to already existing habit and app. Also i did not create an account in your app :). May be have more info on who this will work before people are comfortable to create an account. #justathought..
Vaibhav Jain
@deep_sherchan Thanks for the feedback and I totally agree with you. It does feel like an extra step now to check the website even though I find the reading experience better. Creating a plugin for email sounds better but is also much more technically challenging for gmail. With a separate website customization is much easier. Anyways, it was a side project and the only investment was time which was worth it :)
Ronak Kadhi
I think you need to optimise your landing page such that it answers questions like - What you are doing, how you are doing it and why you are doing it. Once these basic questions are answered via a landing page is when I will be convinced to click on get started. The demand is definitely there as I have myself subscribed to 100+ newsletter and with creator economy booming there will be more great content coming into the inbox. But make sure you make readers life eaiser
Vaibhav Jain
@ronak_kadhi Thanks for the feedback! I agree with your suggestion. I didn't give a lot of though to the landing page but I'll definitely think about it now.