Looking for early adopters for a vegan app

Wagner Carvalho
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Hi all, I recently launched the Vegan Check app. It helps people to find plant-based products based on their location. It works as a social media, the content of it is be based on the user's submitted products. E.g. if you buy vegan toothpaste in a store in the city you live in, you can use the app to post this product, add the place where u got it...once someone opens the app to find where to buy toothpaste, this user will find your post. As you have posted with a description of the location, this user will know that there is a toothpaste near him, and this user will be able to comment, like, or flag the post if needed. It's a collaboration environment. I'm looking for early adopters to help populating the app with content. The goal is to have enough content when users first open the app. Visit the website to learn more, and download the app www.vegancheckapp.com Android and iOS available ✅


Domhnall O' Hanlon
This looks really interesting @wagner_rosati, is the objective here to create a community of vegans who regularly edit and update the app or a directory as a reference for users?
Wagner Carvalho
@domhnall_o_hanlon hi! Yes, the objective is to create a collaborative environment, so people can regularly update the app with new products, get information from other people,, interact with users, ask questions, share, learn from one another... As a user, I want to search for a product I need, or just discover news too.
Evan Lesmez
Looks cool! I def have this problem. I have to check so many red wine labels before I find the vegan ones at stores in the Washington DC area.