Looking for beta users for AirSnap (mobile session replay solution)

Jason Chen
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Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great Monday! My name is Jason and I'm the co-founder of AirSnap (https://www.airsnap.io). AirSnap is a session replay solution for mobile apps (currently supporting native iOS and RN iOS app only). You can get set up in 2 minutes with just a few lines of code. AirSnap can help you: - Understand your customers better by seeing how they interact with your app - Save you hours by helping your team quickly identify root causes that led up to a crash My co-founder and I used to work on the same team, and we spent hours trying to understand exactly what happened that led up to a crash which consisted of looking at Sentry, Datadog, Mixpanel etc to paint the whole picture. In addition, the process also involves reaching out to our users back and forth for screenshots and additional information. This is why we started working on AirSnap, which is a way for us to visualize the customer journey along with helpful information such as network requests and client-side errors to see what led up to an error. We just deployed to prod and we're in the process of doing a private beta. We'd love to get feedback from the community and continue iterating our product. If you're interested, please comment below and I'd love to connect and get you set up!
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