Looking for Beta Testers to try a new app to make online lessons more fun and engaging

Mai Lan
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Hi guys! We're building an application to make ONLINE LESSONS more FUN and ENGAGING. We're looking for online instructors and teachers to experience it for FREE. The app can be used with any video meeting or streaming platform - see photo attached (Zoom, Google Meeting, MS Team, etc.), sound and visual effects are injected directly into your streaming video. The app provides a reaction board (with memes and sound effects), a library of background music for different types of activities and contents, a collection of professional transitions, tools for games (set of timers and dices), also a feature to share multimedia files directly on your streaming video. We expect to launch it at the end of this month. Simply comment or message me your email address, we will inform you when the app available to download and we will be with you for any further needs when using the app. Thank you 🥰 https://www.padka.com/
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