Looking for best platform to build webstore

Binal Savani IW
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Rajat Dangi 🛠️
I am using Blinkstore.in (built by @ansarimofid and @madhurendra_sachan) to run my D2C clothing brand's online store in India. It's fully automated Print-on-demand store builder, free forever, and very easy to use.
Atul Ghorpade
@ansarimofid @madhurendra_sachan @rajat_dangi1 Looks interesting. Did you selling there? P.s. Do I need to register business for this?
Tony Yan
You can use Wordpress+woocommerce plugin.
Aurelian Spodarec
@zhitao_yan Absolutelly no! I developed brochure sites and e-commerce sites with WordPress - WP is not built for that! It was good at its time. Now you have Statamic for brochure sites and Shopify for e-commerce. WP is too much of a pain, and most WP devs are bad - coming from a person that actually worked in this industry.
Tony Yan
@aurelianspodarec WP+Woocommerce plugin can work well although it need some technical backgroud. Shopify is very good but WP+Woocommerce plugin is cheaper.
Aurelian Spodarec
@zhitao_yan I'm a developer and created WooCommerce websites for clients. Long term WooCommerce will cost you more - not to mention technical debt it brings. The small fee you pay to shopify is nothing compared to what WooCommerce will cost you over time. WP was never built to be more than a blog CMS. Good days have passed. WP is starting to becoming history. Versoly/Webflow/Statamic for brochure websites, and Shopify for e-commerce.
Collin Thompson
depending on how complex your store is I would go with swell.is by far the best ecommerce platform going that is simple to use but can help you create almost anything imaginable.
Shopify is the best platform and the leading option for very good reason. They have an incredibly helpful staff, extremely customizable and easy to use (no coding experience / developer hiring necessary if one doesn't want to and/or can't budget it early-on) Integration with almost everything imaginable via Shopify apps with simple clicks. I feel like a Shopify spokesperson complimenting them so much, but honestly just a huge fan of their product and what they represent. Harvey Finkelstein and the rest of the executive team are extremely talented and have a deeply rooted experience within this realm. Happy to help give input where possible if anyone has questions
Aurelian Spodarec
Shopify. Don't use WP - it's outdated, past its primes. It was never meant to be a shop. The code is poor, and devs are poor - majority. Shopify is specialized into making a store, wheres WP is not and outdated.
david noah
Good question. WordPress with WooCommerce is a good platform to build a webstore. I have a good experience with WooCommerce. You can see my webstore as an example Here