Looking for a technical cofounder to be the tech to my product

Katy O'Hara
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Hey producthunters! I’m Kate from London, and I’m looking for a cofounder to design, build and with any luck launch a product(s) with. I’m currently Chief Product Officer at a fin tech business but I’ve got a keen interest in one day going full-time with my own tech business. My background includes product design, product strategy, roadmap management, brand design, digital marketing and fundraising for and scaling tech startups. What I’m hoping for from this cofounder relationship is to form an idea and business plan for an initially self-funded project, and then on a part-time, flexible basis build a product or a product prototype which we could take to investors. A generally great to work with and ambitious technical person with full stack development skills would be my ideal business partner - but I’m open! If you’re interested in talking more or know someone who might be a match, feel free to share your details. Thanks, Katy
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