Looking for a technical advisor for a badass new digital health company.

Kirsten Karchmer
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Im building the first-period tracker that can actually help you fix your period with the most personalized experience on the planet. Im a clinical founder and looking for someone with technical/product/UI experience in the digital health/wellness/fitness realm. If you are a person with a period, that would be amazing but not necessary. I just need someone who would like to help me think through the product strategy, hiring or technical teams etc. If the fit was amazing, I would consider hiring or even inviting this person as a co founder. Email me at Kirsten.Karchmer@foreverbrazen.com if you want to help transform the lives of half of the planet!


Tom Agrimbau
Hi Kirsten! How's it going? Really awesome what you are willing to achieve. I'm a CTO and technical co-founder of two projects and I would love to help you get started with your project. I'll email you to get connected, best Tom