Looking for a digital product expert/Co-Founder (Creating a new product)

Zaid Saifi
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Hey, Zaid here I have been doing Website Speed Optimisation for over 2 years and I know that might not be the longest time but in these 2 years, I have really enjoyed doing this and I personally think I can transform this into something else. Currently, the way I handle Speed Optimisation is through an agency model where most of the time I am the one getting in touch with companies and then optimizing their website for a one-time fee in about 2-3 weeks and there's nothing wrong with this approach except there can be a better way. After doing tons of research on this I have concluded that we can turn our agency offering into a single mid-ticket digital product that can eliminate all the middle work that an agency has to take on. The experience of something like speed optimization for the consumer should be a lot simpler and easier. The Struggle? I don't have experience in the Digital product space, In fact, this is the reason why I am looking for an expert/investor (The reason why I am adding "Investor" is that we might not be short on service delivery but we are short in cashflow) who is willing to start this project with my team and act as a co-founder. What would YOU get out of it? Your expertise/knowledge/investment would not go to waste as I would be willing to start this brand in a split partnership where we can share revenue. My current plans for this product are as follows. - Make it super minimal and easy to purchase the product right from the website (Be the amazon equivalent of buying our digital service) - Eliminate all the unnecessary client formalities and instead focus on providing results - Keep the personalized approach as an agency does through slack communications - For our current optimization services we take anywhere around $3500-4500 per website but in the digital space we would like to cut our cost down significantly and aim for $950-1500 per project Why work with me? Like I mentioned at the beginning of this "kind-of-weird" paragraph that Speed optimization is something we are good at and I personally love managing it. There's absolutely NO WAY we'll ever disappoint our consumers because we are good at making sure they get the best results. Speaking in a more quantifiable way the benchmark tool for measuring website speed is Google Pagespeed Insight and our product would guarantee a score of 70 above on Mobile and 80 above on the desktop. I have lots of information on how we can achieve this but I would need your support and help in order to turn this into a reality. You can reach me at "zaid@hopnop.com" as well
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