Looking for a collaborative tool to share articles and build a collective curation

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Hello, I am looking for a tool to allow our team to : - Scrap and bookmark articles throughout the web - Tag and categorize them - Read articles shared by the community (and potentially comment them) Plus it would be great if : - A daily/weekly digest was sent by email with the most read articles - It could retrieve automatically articles shared on Slack - It could allow to post on Slack when a new article is added I saw "Feedly Business" but it is quite expensive for a team. Until recently, there was a French tool made for that : elCurator but it has been shut down... Any idea?


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Google sheet can do it, but it will be quite hell
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🤯 Definitely! Seems there is no (more) dedicated tools designed for these use cases. So sad 😭
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@ant_1 We're building something right now that seems like a great solution for you. Currently in private beta. Are you interested in trying it out?
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@eddieaich Absolutely Eddie!
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Some kind of pocket but with a bit of social?
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I'm not sure if it fits all your needs, but Pocket is an interesting solution. A simpler alternative is Toby. Both are extensions you can add to your browser and use to bookmark, tag, save pages across the web
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@ko25 I love Pocket which is perfect for personal curation but not suitable for collaborative use (unless I missed something)
Almost perfect for your requirements, loaded with unlimited {twistable} ideas & options too! No personal relationships and connection to this product etc., but very Cool and Intriguing! Overall fairly good pricing options, all kinds of business related usages with money making ideas and brainstorming to consider. Seeing other marketers creatively using this in their businesses: $12. monthly based on a yearly subscription, seems reasonably priced with ongoing updates etc., If others here on producthunt are creating similar type of tools and ideas, please let me know, I'd love to try, test and use them in beta etc... :) FYI... https://elink.io/ All the best, David
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@david_babins Thanks David. I'll look into it!
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@youremarks @twitter @hqtrivia @gj_jo Thanks ! I'll look into it !
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