Looking for a collaborative tool to share articles and build a collective curation

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Hello, I am looking for a tool to allow our team to : - Scrap and bookmark articles throughout the web - Tag and categorize them - Read articles shared by the community (and potentially comment them) Plus it would be great if : - A daily/weekly digest was sent by email with the most read articles - It could retrieve automatically articles shared on Slack - It could allow to post on Slack when a new article is added I saw "Feedly Business" but it is quite expensive for a team. Until recently, there was a French tool made for that : elCurator but it has been shut down... Any idea?


Google sheet can do it, but it will be quite hell
🤯 Definitely! Seems there is no (more) dedicated tools designed for these use cases. So sad 😭
Eddie H.
@ant_1 We're building something right now that seems like a great solution for you. Currently in private beta. Are you interested in trying it out?
Some kind of pocket but with a bit of social?
Kritika Oberoi
I'm not sure if it fits all your needs, but Pocket is an interesting solution. A simpler alternative is Toby. Both are extensions you can add to your browser and use to bookmark, tag, save pages across the web
@ko25 I love Pocket which is perfect for personal curation but not suitable for collaborative use (unless I missed something)
Our product utility features 100% match with your expectations. We are going live this week Feb 18th, 2021. Here is the brief intro about our app. We are experimenting with a social app that leverages our actual working of minds. Our app is called @youremarks — we are solving issues inherent with text-based communication. To make it exciting and rewarding to the users, we have combined the goodness of @twitter and @hqtrivia and added more elements to achieve our objective.
Promise Emeka
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