Live Crypto Prices For Everyone - MVP

Eyas Kelani
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I was frustrated because there was no tool to show me live prices of crypto coins while I was browsing the web, so I created one and published it on the chrome extension for everyone to download and use for free Its an MVP so I would love to get your thoughts on validation


Hemant Warier
Building (YC S22)
Did you try CoinMarketCap?
Eyas Kelani
@hemantwarier i have. its a great tool but did not help me enough. Thats why i created Tiqr extension to allow users to get the same data as available on CMC but directly into your browser
i am student
If I look at cryptocurrency exchange rates anywhere, I use mainly this service, which is top for me, despite some negative aspects. I started using it back in 2014 when I first clicked a free crypt on cranes. Since then, this monitoring of cryptocurrencies has become an indispensable guide for me in the world of digital assets.They have recently made updates, and now you can switch between different types of tokens there, tracking their price chart, the best-paid crypto signals , capitalization, and much more: for example, you can separately expose Defi projects, also NFT, metaverse assets and much more.