Lifestyle Brand Stack : know your friends personality based on what brands they use

Akhil Mevada
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Lifestyle Brand Stack It is a platform where people can create a Brand Stack which holds all the brand they are currently using for - +work, +pet care +gyming, +driving, +camping, +eating, +clothing .....and many more lifestyle choices You can know a lot more about a person based on their lifestyle choice and can narrow it down to types of brand they support with a purchase. " A health-conscious person might be promoting heath & nutrition facts in society but, that does not reflect back in their choice of brands which are health proactive " " You are so inspired by a personality and would really like to know their Lifestyle Stack to get inspired. They can share their Lifestyle Brand Stack on the platform for their followers to adopt them " The brands has become a huge part of our daily life, therefore the message & voice the brand stands for also matter the most. We all see a part of our personality in any brand we purchase, therefore to have a track of brands in the form of Stack will help us all to understand our life choice and find people with similar life choices on the platform. Would love to know your thoughts on this concept and discuss the scope of realising this platform. Feel free to write to me directly in case you have any insights to share Cheers!


Jessica Anderson
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Green Roberts
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