Life time deal for SaaS prodcuts?

Sajad Kioumarsi
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Is it a good idea to sell life time deals to get early adopters who believe in your product and generate first revenues? We are going to launch a campaign tonight to sell life time deals for TOOLUP:
From my point of view as an entrepreneur, it is important to recognise the benefits that you can bring to your clients too (and not only the benefits you will receive as a product owner.) ? These are some of the benefits that both, product owner and a client will receive with lifetime deals: As product owners, we will get early adopters that are not only our first paid clients that approve the idea and product, but also provide us with valuable feedback that we can use for the development of new features. As we are selling a milestone, we are focusing on learning about what clients need and develop that, therefore we can be flexible with developing a product that the clients love. It is true that as a buyer and a client you are supporting a start-up where many features have not been developed yet, as you are buying an MVP and a milestone for the future. However, with that, you are involved in shaping the product into something that you, as a user, would love to have /use. By taking this risk as an early client and investing a very small amount at this point, if everything goes well, you will have a lifetime access to a product that others might have to pay thousands per year for in the future.
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