Let's talk automation!

Raghav Goyal
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How do you view the role of automation in your life? Replacing human talent? Or making human talent more efficient?


Stuti Agarwal
As someone who believes in the inherent uniqueness of human talent, it’s hard for me to get behind automation in almost all areas of creative pursuit, but I understand how it may help in delivering efficiency in the more mechanical workings of everyday life or even mechanical aspects of creative pursuits. For example, I may never back automation in any aspect of my book writing, but perhaps if I was researching for it and there was a tool to ease my hours of looking for the right information, I’d definitely use it.
Raghav Goyal
@stuti Haha creative aspects - human talent > automation. Non creative aspects - automation > human energy
Mayank Gupta
Automation has saved us time very frequently. Automation has never been here to replace human talent, cause they never can. There are things which you always need a human mind for, automation just makes us more efficient. Cause it's made by humans for the humans.
Chandan Das
Making human talent more efficient. Due to automation human can put effort in new things
Raghav Goyal
@chandan_shopify Any automation tools you'd recommend?
Fabian Maume
Making human talent more efficient. There is a lot of thing that computer cannot do. Computer do no have common sense. Computer can not empathy with the customer. Computer don't have a sens of humours. On the other hand, human have terrible memories in comparison to an sql database. Human are slow at computation and running scenarios. Human will take a lot of time to find one specific line in few thousand records. So good automation design should help you leverage the best of both world.
Fabian Maume
@rg97 I'm using Phantombuster and APIfy on a daily basis. If you want to have an idea of the automation I'm setting up you can check out my blog: https://fabian-maume.medium.com/ I'm also spending a considerable of time building a tool for Quora: https://www.qapop.com/
Shiva Prabhakaran
I've automated a significant part of my workload since the beginning of this year. I've mostly used Zapier (PRO Plan) and Integromat.
Automation lacks emotions. You can incorporate everything which a human has but cannot make it as human efficient. Automation is like a machine, you give a command and get an output whereas with humans they put their unique thought in every thing and comes up with innovative results most of the time. It has definitely made the tasks less time consuming and efficient but after all you need humans to run automation.
William Mills
Automation is the best thing that could ever be invented. I can't even imagine how I was living in my house without making it automated. Three months ago I went to an electrical parts supplier and decided there to make my home automated. There is a lot of benefits to this. First of all, I like that I can manage all my home devices from one place, and I can control them from my mobile phone. Sometimes I can forget to turn off the lights in a room, so I don't need to go back and turn it off, I can just open the application from my mobile phone and turn shut it down. ________________________________ https://www.automationstop.com/