Let's help each other to pass the "Product Market Fit" Phase

nima mobaraki
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Hey all, My name is Nima Mobaraki Co-founder and CEO of hacktika.com Recently I noticed that how hard it is to find people to give you feedback about your product so you can improve it and become a market-fit product. so I thought I create a discussion that may be useful for so many of us. let's help each other out. in comments, mention your product's name, so people can see and comment about it(you know how valuable this feedbacks are). I myself promise to check all of your products and give my honest comments. please do not forget to give me feedback too about hacktika.com In Hacktika, we always feed your business with the best Growth ideas! you can just create your business and ask for growth ideas. you will be matched with the best growth hackers and you will receive ideas. simple as that.


neshat korivand
I do agree with you. I think even getting beta users may be expensive these days. helping each other out can help us get to the result faster
Prateek Mathur
You can join Indiehackers and the channel landing page feedback to get feedback on your page. Your paying users define PMF.