Learning Investment made very easy with OroPocket

Srikanth Kishan
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Starting with a platform to purchase Gold/Silver digitally , the team OroPocket made a break through with its new UPI feature. Now users can spend their GOLD/SILVER holdings for their purchases at Super Markets or any grocery stores. Imagine you buying vegetables, milk, groceries, clothing's and what not anything and everything that can be purchased by a UPI payment. Besides this one can send GOLD/SILVER throughout the globe without any restrictions and limitations. The assets purchased are pegged to real world assets and are also on blockchain which makes it more trustworthy. I am a big fan of the project now. Cant wait to see more assest classes on blockchain. Sharing the links of the project for reference https://oropocket.com/ https://opendefi.finance/ Learning about investment with OroPocket https://oropocket.com/how-to-inv...
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