Launching on PH: what are your tips for writing the maker comment?

Cherie Yang
6 replies
What's on your must-have list to cover when writing the maker comment, and any other tips on length, tone of voice, or subject matter? Bonus: Share a link to your favorite/most memorable maker comment!


Sergio Zaciu
upvoting because I asked myself the same question recently!
Cherie Yang
@szaciu We've launched and would greatly appreciate your support!
Fabian Maume
1. Introduce yourself 2. Describe why you built your product 3. Focus on your users problem 4. Say how you solve that problem with your product 5. Add an exclusive offer for Product Hunt users 6. Prompt people to comment below their thoughts
Cherie Yang
@fabian_maume Thanks Fabian! We're live now! Your support would be appreciated.
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