Launching next week. Any last minute tips?

Shreya R Nambiar
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Nabeel Amir
Hi, first of all very best of luck for the launch. At this stage, I can only advice you to believe in your product and all the efforts that you have put in developing and launching it.
Luciano Viterale
Good luck with the launch! Here's my 2c. Try to have a plan outside of PH. Maybe you'll write a medium article, or a Reddit post, or even post in relevant Facebook groups. I found having a plan outside of PH really helped. I got a lot of soft commitments from people to comment their honest thoughts and leave reviews. There are some additional tips in this article -
Elizaveta Yushkevich
Hi Shreya, first of all, good luck with the upcoming launch! While working with Accenture ex-team, I noticed that it's extremely important to double-check all visual materials before launching. At this stage, I advise you to ask for feedback :)