Launching day after, any last minute tips for launch day?

Nikita Kukreja
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We are very excited (and a little nervous) to launch Cosmos Video day after, on the 9th of March! Appreciate any tips for the day before launch, and also on the day!


If you get any negativity: respond back on why is it like that, and will you do something about it! don't leave it hanging! Good luck with a product!
- Setting the launch goals - Making sure product/marketing funnels are working the way it has to be(if you have any) - Gathering the inner circle(on social media) to cheer you on the day of launch - It's hard but able to reply with a constructive feedback on the negativity.
Jason Cavness
I have done a launch yet. But I would say be able to stay flexible. I am sure you have everything planned out. But something is going to come up that you might be unprepared for. Just be sure to adjust.
Tom Martchek
Pre-order a large coffee, ensure existing customers are ready, and pre-open all the sites you are mentioning your launch (I lock them in OneTab). Good luck!! Get excited!!
saif khan
Hey @kukreja_nikita just drop a link in if there's any landing page so we all can just hold on tight and wait for the next big thing & wish you all the luck :)
Roman Vorozhtsov
Right now, advice won't help. Good luck to you!
Paco vera
Yes, be prepare with analytics to measure interactions from day 1
Shreya Singh
Hello!! @kukreja_nikita Hope you in pink of your health, mentally as well as physically. So, just before the launch of any project theres alot of effort, communication, alignment etc that go in the back hand. I believe that before the launch and that time as well do meditate. As it help to calm ourselves and bring our senses in control. I know its a lot stress. But for all the struggles, efforts, sleepless nights and what not its time to cherish the fruits of the seeds that have reaped. May you achieve all the success. Goodluck!!!
Lidia Vijga
Hi Nikita, I think having a supportive group of people is a must. I'd prepare different blurbs for social posts so that your supportive community can share them on Twitter, LinkedIn and Slack groups when you go live. Good Luck with the launch! Feel free to add me ( to your mail list so I can support you on the launch day.
Nikita Kukreja
@londonvi Thank you Lidia, I agree that's very useful! Very happy to have your support, just as a reminder - we're launching tomorrow! ( omg :D ) Here is our upcoming page if you want to subscribe: Feel free to share your Upcoming page too, and my team and I will be happy to support you on your launch day!
Lidia Vijga
@kukreja_nikita I just signed up so I don't miss your launch tomorrow! Happy to tweet about it when you go live, and good luck!! Here is my upcoming page:
David Mungai
Just launched today and 11 hours in I've come to realize that having a strong community behind you might just be the only key to a great launch on ph, so remain flexible and launch when you're certain your network is ready to rally behind you.
Nikita Kukreja
@david_mungai1 That's a good tip David, thank you! It would be great if you could show some support on our product launch tomorrow!
Tanya Gupta
As we are launching on Thursday, I'm here with my coffee to see some last-minute tips! Good luck to both of us. We should definitely connect for exchange of ideas!!
Nikita Kukreja
@tanya_gupta0502 Yes that'll be great Tanya! Good to know these tips have been useful for you as well!
Johannes Karjula
Seems all these tips are working! Cosmos Video is trending nicely! :)
Nikita Kukreja
Helloo, launch day has arrived! Just want to thank you all for your tips, they have been very useful. I would request this lovely PH community to support us today in any way possible! To those of you who already have, a big thank you!!
Trust yourself and everything will be fine. The positive attracts the positive;) Be flexible and be ready to bounce back because a launch is not always easy and you can have a lot of obstacles you wouldn’t have thought of!