Launching a product on PH for the first time - What's your best advice?

Mia Kiraki 🌶️
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What the title says. I'm launching a product on PH for the first time. This is for the PH veterans out here - what's your best advice pre, during and post-launch? Thank you!


I've not launched yet, but as a Solo founder I collects insights from my fellow founders who have launched, and keeps marketing at the priority 1. - Although keep the priority 1 = Marketing before, on, and after launch - Prior to launch, engage with your target audience regularly, and try to realize them about the problem you have solved. (Best option to do so is Twitter). - Launch your product with few audience, need to relaunch it on many other platforms, may help you to enhance your visibility. Here you will have more opinions on this.
Jakub Piskor
I read these articles ( here's a link: ) before my launch and ended 4th product of the day (with zero online presence). My advice is to read them all. :)
Carlo Thissen
Heya Mia! Suuuper curious about what you are cooking in your secret marketing labs haha There are some great guides out there that you might want to check out: @draptis wrote this piece: @michael_sieb also wrote a very exhaustive guide: Would consider both as must-reads - we oriented heavily on them for our launch! :) Lmk in case you ever need feedback on your launch collaterals.
@draptis @michael_sieb @carlo_thissen Nice to see you here Carlo!! :) Thank you so much for the resources, bookmarking them for future reference haha ;)
Lidia Vijga
I launched on PH for the first time today 🎉 My advice is to get the Product Hunt Launch Checklist by @falak_sher and a lot of sleep prior to the launch.
@falak_sher @londonvi You crushed it, Lidia! Congrats :) and will check out the checklist, thank you!
@miakiraki looking forward to welcome you in our private Product Hunt community. Plus, checklist come with 30 days money back guarantee
Justin George
- Launch as early as possible in the day. - Set realistic expectations. Here's an article that talks about what you could expect from the PH launch, real stories from real founders. - Even if your Product does not get much attention, don't worry about it. Just keep at it.
Aram Movsisyan
I've read a lot of articles but I think the most helpful source is this YouTube channel This guy has done a lot of launches and has huge experience.