Launched on PH after 8 months of work. This time hunted by a „famous” hunter.

Wojtek Krzciński
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Hey! We’ve been working on Raport for the past 8 months. We managed to acquire 140+ users since mind-November and just recently finished beta phase. And today we launched on Product Hunt🚀 Our product is hunted by a former Director of Community at Angel List. Let’s see how much of a difference can this make! It would be great if you could help us reach more people by supporting the launch here 👉🏻 P.S. There’s a 15% discount code on Product Hunt. This means you can have Raport for as little as $0,5/day.


Bogomil Shopov - Бого
If you can share the results it would be nice. I am more interested in CR, not in the traffic itself.
Wojtek Krzciński
@bogomep I will, I'm planning to write a longer post about the results. Probably next week :)
Maciej Cupial
I hope to see you in the top 3 at least :) I like the idea of your product!