Launched an Ebook on PH and Learnt Something

Zeeshan Akhtar
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Hi all, Today, I launched an ebook on PH called Crafting Email Subject Lines. Now, the truth is we didn't start off as well we did. Posts with lower upvotes ranked higher (we didn't even feature in the Popular section). That is when I started wondering why it wasn't working. Soon, I discovered that it might mostly be because ebooks might not be as strong a contender for the feature as a product. This was heart-breaking. My team had put so much effort into creating this ebook. And I wanted as many people as possible to read it and benefit from our subject line experiments and advice from experts. (We tested the thumb rules of subject line copywriting). It was at this point that I realized that PH has an amazing community of marketers and product developers and owners. And so here I am sharing this ebook with all of you here. Please use this ebook, share any feedback on subject line writing that you may have and we will update it. Your feedback and your success stories are what will be the fruit of our labor on this ebook. So here's to writing better emails together!


Mansi Peswani
Thanks for sharing, Zeeshan!
Namrata Arya
Hi Zeeshan, congratulations on your launch! Do get in touch with the Product Hunt folks through the chat option in your account - they are extremely helpful and will be able to help you with this. (Talking from personal experience) Do share your Product Hunt listing link here so I can upvote :)
Zeeshan Akhtar
@namrata_arya Hi Namrata thanks a lot for the suggestion. I got in touch with them and they told me that they are trying to do less of guides, lists and similar stuff on the homepage. Also here's the link:
Aakash Gupta
Love the inclusion of the short introductory video that goes on the ebook product page
Ashley Lopez
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