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Bruno Domingues
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Hi guys, we're in pre-launch and would love to know more about your launch experiences: - What challenges did you have after you launched? - What unexpected situations happened? - Did you have an affiliate program? How did that work out? I welcome any advice on what to expect and prepare before launching. :)


Promise Emeka
Once you get your product out, could be an MVP or Complete market-ready product you will always face that slow start. At this point you find yourself checking your google Analytics every minute, you check your user signup count (suppose is an online or software product) every so often. At this time it could be emotionally draining if you don't get a wide acceptance from users very fast, you may have anxiety too. But the good news is normally online users often take more time studying a new product before a signup, if your product is good enough and have some real value, you will start getting real signups rolling within 2-3months, eventually, these users could turn to paying users in the 4-5month. Also, make sure your target audience understands your value proposition very fast, maybe you can create a full-blown blog section for this purpose where you have to engage potential users in your blog posts.
Bruno Domingues
@promise_emeka we already have around 40 paying subscribers but are still in Pre-Launch stage, this week we created a slack space for our customers with several channels by type of requests. We hired people to help with support, make a list of FAQ's, record trainings. There's a lot more than just having MVP, making sure to have great onboarding and support becomes the next challenge before scaling. :) We'll probably scale to about 250 users before launching to make sure we cover all the essentials. Customer success is the key to success in SaaS. :)
Promise Emeka
@bruno_domingues Good job you guys are doing. Impressive too having your 40 paying customers at Pre-Launch. We got our 125 paying customers at MVP in our startup, Fexspace, But this is mostly because I already have a network of business owners before this startup so it was easier getting early adopters. So every business for the most part has a unique path to their success story.
Samir Rashed
Hello @bruno_domingues This my thoughts about PH launching We get featured twice, and our next launch will be next week, check to our upcoming page, and give me your feedback
@bruno_domingues @samir_soliman damn, that's a lot! I'm still scared to launch my first one... I need to build up my community here I guess 😅
Julie John
I had my launch on 7th November so far its going smooth got encouraging response from PH community. advice for you is before launching anything at PH start interacting with community members and gain followers so you can have some boost on the launch day.