Launch day feedback

Kaden Holden
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So today is our product hunt launch day for reworking! This discussion is just about launch day tips, feedback on what is good, what can be improved. We can also create a place where anyone looking for advice can come to this discussions and get help and tips for their future launch dates! Looking forward to hearing from you all and engaging with you all. Our launch is here


Founder, Speakezee
Good luck with the launch!
So I had a look at the launch and the product itself (sorry I'm one day late). The product looks good, it really does, but I think marketing wise, you were not ready to launch. I don't know how much you communicated about it outside of Product Hunt, but here you profile says you joined the community on Sunday, don't follow anyone and don't have any follower, and you hunted your own product. It is a bit rushed because you haven't properly built connections, and you couldn't benefit from the support of someone else's community, as you were hunting yourself without any follower. This is a bit of a shame because the product itself really does look good. I hope you'll still gain something from this launch and wish you the best of luck for what's to come.
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@rubenwolff Thankyou for this good advice! All is noted.