Last minute Launch tips? πŸš€

Sudheer Bandaru
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Hi all! We're finally ready to launch Insightly Analytics this week. It's been a long journey on both the tech and marketing fronts, and we can't wait to see it bear fruit. πŸ»πŸ“ We'd love to know your tips for how to make the launch successful and would appreciate your support on Launch Day!


Aneeq Naeem
Good luck with your launch.
First and foremost : all the best with your launch. I hope it will be a spectacular success. I haven't launched here yet, but I've been a consultant for other founders, so just sharing my 2cents : βœ… try to launch at 12.01 AM PST , is the go-to tip that always comes up βœ… have a set of nice images that clearly explains the benefits of your product. Focus more on how the product will 'benefit' the user, and not just on the list of features that you have. βœ… prepare a good description for the product. Include things like : who is it for, why you made the product, what problem it solves, the features, the benefits, the pricing, comparisons with existing products in the same niche, etc. Unfold your founder story via your description. βœ… an accompanying short video would also be helpful, if it is done well. This may not be mandatory, but can be a good boost if you manage to present it nicely ( check out tl;dv for Zoom to see a great example of this ) βœ… have an eye-catching logo animation if possible, since it could help people to notice your post βœ… provide a concise but impactful tagline for your product. It should clearly convey the pain point you are addressing and the benefit the user gets from your product. βœ… be fully active here on the launch day. Reply to everyone sincerely. The feedback you receive in this stage is priceless. Also be ready to sometimes get some stern criticism as well, but this is good since it can help you to genuinely improve and grow your product. βœ… make sure you maximize the use of your social media channels. For example, let's consider Twitter : Before the launch itself, let your friends/followers know that you will be launching on 'xyz' date and that you would appreciate their support. Also, send out personal DMs on twitter to people you have engaged with and let them know about your upcoming launch and ask for their support. On the launch day, send out the launch announcement tweet via DM to the people who agreed. In regular intervals, you can keep posting launch updates on social media. Try to utilize a similar strategy across other networks like Facebook ,LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. as well. [Bonus tip - Try to avoid directly sending users in mass to your ProductHunt post link, instead nudge them to your social media post and let them click the link from there. I've heard some people say that the sudden influx of direct visitors to the link may be wrongly categorized as spam traffic and the algorithm may prefer when it is referred from other social media or similar sites. Tbh, this could very well be a myth, but just putting it out there.] Wishing you the very best with your launch Sudheer. πŸ‘ πŸ‘‰ Also, feel free to DM me on Twitter (@notAnotherVivek) to let me know if there is any way that I can help.
Sudheer Bandaru
(@notanothervivek @notanothervivek This is absolutely incredible advice, Vivek. The tips are super actionable, and I hope we can put most of these into practice. Thank you so much for taking the time, appreciate it!
Qudsia Ali
(@notanothervivek @notanothervivek Great suggestions. Thank you for sharing.
Devanand Premkumar
(@notanothervivek @notanothervivek Very effective and useful list of tips for all of us here and this covers most of the topics which will have a high impact. Thanks for your time and effort πŸ™
Ksenija LuΕ‘kina
(@notanothervivek @notanothervivek Great tutorial to get you started, thanks for sharing your experience!
I discovered you have to invite people early so their upvote is well counted, so don't wait on launch day to play the social medias game ;)
Giuseppe Di Nuccio
Hey, I quickly looked at your incoming, and it's a very interesting area, therefore happy to support and feature Insightly on the launch date ;). The important part, in my opinion, is to be sure to build relationships and audiences that will massively feature your product on the launch date so that it gets maximum visibility. Have you taken all the steps in this regard? will you be leveraging on twitter followers to support? or on the community here in product hunt? etc. All the best!
Sudheer Bandaru
@giuseppe_di_nuccio We've been working at building a community and strong relationships for a while. Hope it plays well in our favor on Launch Day. Appreciate your support, Giuseppe. :)
hey @sudheer_bandaru1 would you mind sharing what worked for you in terms of community building? did cold DMs do it?
Jas BG
Ask as many people as you can to sign up for product hunt (BEFORE) your launch date, then send them the link to vote the day of - you may also ask people you know on product hunt ahead of time to keep an eye out for your launch but also send them the link - your team will bring in the most votes.. so just make sure everyone knows the assignment!
Qudsia Ali
Good luck with your launch. I would be happy to support you.
Ramy Wafaa
We just launched today, so it's a bit late for me but this is just an amazing thread.. will note it for my next product! Thanks guys!
Andrew C.
PANIC! i meant, do not panic. stay calm and trust the work you have put in
Markus Jenul
we made it product nr2 and created a guide for it. hope it helps! and all the best!!
Sudheer Bandaru
@markus_jenul1 That's a fantastic playbook, Markus. Thank you for sharing. I hope we've been able to put in enough legwork in the run-up to the launch. Fingers crossed! Congratulations on your incredible launch.
Amelia Charlie
Congratulations Sudheer. would love to support you.
TomΓ‘Ε‘ NovΓ‘k
@sudheer_bandaru1 Congrats on your launch, I see that we launched on the same day :D