keywords and their full potential?

Simon Williams
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Next week we are connecting the Google Console API with @trackboxx so our members can access the keywords that have been used to draw traffic to their website/s. We have some extra filter options that are being implemented, but I was just wondering what else is missing? Does anyone have a particular aspect of this feature that they would like to use? Let me know and we can consider adding this going forward.


Tyler Dane
Perhaps keyword suggestions that'll lend better performance than the current ones? I'd recommend making this more digestible. I looked at the site and have a rough idea of this keyword feature, but it's hard for me to give good feedback without seeing more.
Simon Williams
@tyhitzeman that sounds like a good idea. The feature will be available next week so will be easier to see how it works. We are just adding the filters so the keywords are displayed at different levels. Would be great to hear your thoughts once it is up and running.