Join me on a #30DaysOfIndie challenge

Rosie Sherry
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Hey everyone! I'm back to going indie and feeling rather excited to come back to my roots. For context, I previously founded Ministry of Testing, led the community here at Indie Hackers. More recently I led community at Orbit, but decided to pack it in to do my own thing. I've been working on Rosieland (research, writing and community for community builders) on the side for a couple years now and really want to give it the full love it deserves. To help me get back into the flow of things I'm doing a #30DaysOfIndie Twitter challenge - Consider this an invitation to follow along or even join in. šŸ˜‡


Dedicating ourselves to our personal projects is super important, there is nothing like waking up motivated and feeling that our daily routine is taking us closer to our goals Go with everything Rosie \o/
Gautham (
Great going Rosie! Good luck with everything!
Dawn Veltri
You look exactly like your profile. Love it! And congrats on doing your own thing.
congrats! did you just make #30DaysOfIndie, or is that a thing already?
I'll be following and encouraging so that I can learn for next time. Enjoy!
Mcmahan Renea
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