It's Wednesday. What task are you avoiding since monday?

Vlad Gidea
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Look look, this is an honest question. We all do it, let's drop the act :) There's something you knew since Monday that you have to do, but magically other things keep popping up. 1 - What do you need to do? 2 - now go do it...


Vlad Gidea
I'll start, I have to review some details in our Privacy Agreement because we're going to push a new app version soon and there's new services I need to include... ... oh noes, now I have to go do it :))
Vlad Gidea
@daniel_leal done! the feeling is so good Alsom our app was just approved by the App Store - double win!
Daniel Leal
I have to review a product but I always stop when I feel stuck, hate it!!! Today is the day!
Vlad Gidea
@daniel_leal when I need to do stuff like that, I start taking notes and adding bullet points, and expanding as I go... and sooner than later I see there's so many good ideas in place that I just need to trim it down or put things together and it's done
Maxwell Davis
Working on my personal brand site - something I want to try and get up before the end of the month!
Sri Gokul Krishnan.
I am planning to launch a eBook and my startup, But I am not sure why I am not doing it. May be am afraid.
Mahak from Outgrow
Honestly, I am trying to send a mail but it's Wednesday you are right I should send that. Also, it's true, things are popping up and I have no idea how many things I am ignoring.....
Rajiv Verma
Haha...! Sending a couple of proposals and migrating a website. I guess it's time I get to them!