Is YouTube a good marketing tool for professional services?

Mikhail Ivanenko
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I mean if someone like an accountant, business or financial consultant, lawyer etc makes youtube videos on professional topics to reach the audience will it bring some clients?


Ng Fang Kiang
For conversion, if it fits your niche and your marketing strategy, I think yes. To attract new audiences, I think it's hard because the YouTube algorithm is so hard right now.
Gurpinder Singh
Yes it is! Create high quality, well planned videos. Try running ads to reach more people and grow your channel + business.
Mikhail Ivanenko
@gurpinder_singh thank you Gurpinder! Do you think ads are effective in growing channel? I mean the cost/ result ratio. Ads may be pretty expensive
Urszula Ostrowska
Depends on your industry and a niche. It works for us (accountung software) 🤩
morgo port
Yes, but it’s also worth promoting your YouTube channel, a company from this list can help you with this: