Is your app colorblind-friendly?

Ivan Ralic
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How often do you think about accessibility when designing your products?


Ivan Ralic
For almost 6 years now I've had a SaaS for Project Management in Telco Industry ( Almost every Field Worker using our app is male and according to Wikipedia 8% of them are colorblind. So making our app colorblind-friendly was always among top priorities. I'm a little bit shocked when I find out there are well established apps that do not account for this in their design process and I'm more than interested to hear your thoughts.
Nadia Elinbabi
I've always contracted with tons of different companies - and I've found it pretty common that there is at least one person "looking out" for accessibility on the product team. It's unfortunately not engrained into all of our design educations - but there are some really great tips for getting up to speed quickly (for anyone interested):
Ivan Ralic
@designatscale awesome! πŸ˜„ I've recently wrote on IndieHackers how we deal with this issue in my current startup: But it comes down to: ➜ Use icons/shapes besides colors ➜ Use words besides colors ➜ Use colorblind filters to choose important colors when those two are not an option I'm glad to hear that there are dedicated people dealing with this from your experience ☺️