Is working from home making you lazy? If yes, how?

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Marty Tonisha
No actually . I find myself more productive than working from the office. But I sure don't get out of my!
Vio Vanica
It comes with good and bad. Good, I am not commuting anymore. Bad, I find myself doing other things in between the actual work, what about you?
@viorica_vanica I'm either over-working or taking small breaks to do something else. I like working from home, but I think it's time to meet people in real life. :p
Terling Lorraine
being in a working environment is a great motivator, there are so many distractions at home
I tend to disagree about this stand. Working from home improves my mood and helps me avoid traffic jams while going to work. I'd say that it makes me more productive and I finish more tasks easily.
Arzu Kadak
I can not focus when I am so clooose to my nap zone, just like a few steps
Jacob Hill
i would prefer to work from home for the rest of my life,
Cheska Teresa
I feel i'm more productive, but I do miss being around hoomans!
Hande Yılmaz
Beginning of pandemic, I was very productive and had done all my tasks. Unfortunately, I can't say this now. Connecting with people is everything. We are social being.
Clark Cuellar
I don't have to wake up early so I'm not even being productive in the morning. I should probably start working out in the morning.
Jennifer Pauli
Working from home is very comfortable, I noticed that I became more productive in my work at But there are some disadvantages, I lack live communication with people. I notice that every day it is more and more difficult for me to communicate with my colleagues. I hope the pandemic will end soon and we will all be able to work quietly both at home and in the office.
Mrinalini Rabindranath
Yes! When you work in the office it's easier to meet deadlines and stick to doing effective work during work hours, while working from home the urge to procrastinate and do it at night etc is so much more