Is work life balance an organisation issue or employee issue?

Vaibhav Maheshwari
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Hello Folks, How do you manage work life balance especially in pandemic. I feel that my noon time is slow and I work very well as a night owl, which then goes into a vicious cycle of waking up late and missing my exercise routine. I was just thinking about what steps an organisation can take to ensure work life balance and what can be done to improve overall mental well-being of employees in remote work. What data points can be collected to help employee be more productive and help companies as well.


Chandan Das
All people having 24 hours only(Successful or Non successful person). All about time amangment
employee. Full ownership - full responsibility
Mayank Gupta
Every organisation has too much work at any given time. It depends on how the employee is managing the work and communicating to the seniors.