Is there an incentive for hunters?

Edward G
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I'm new to the community and I was curious about the hunting process. Is there an incentive for people to hunt your product? Is there a risk or reason a hunter wouldn't want to hunt your product?


Miri Blayckher
Great question. I assume a hunter would need to be interested in the field and product they will be hunted.
Prateek Mathur
Are you talking about hunting for new clients?
Edward G
@prateek_mathur I mean if I were to reach out to a hunter to hunt my product, what would they be looking for or concerned about before deciding to hunt
Tanmay Parekh
There might be few things that he/she will keep in mind like if he finds the product worthy to lend their credibility. Also some hunters may ask for Life Time Deals or trial accounts to get look and feel of product. Also their field and interest to hunt or not along with sharing on their private networks may incur cost.
Edward G
@parekh_tanmay I take it by deals you mean exclusive to the hunter as opposed to Product Hunt Launch deals correct? By cost do you mean paying for them to hunt the product?
Tanmay Parekh
@edward_g Hi Edward, Just to make it clear, deals as in that the hunter tries the product for free as a gesture of good will from the company for his efforts to help with launch. Cost as in yes paying for the hunt as some of these experienced hunters have a strategy to help in getting to the product of the day/week and also sharing the resource in the their private networks.