Is there a place where you could find like minded people that want to build something?

Ayush Kumar Singh
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I am working solo for like 6 years now and sometimes I think if i get 4 or 6 guys who want to start a saas business together so that we can cover each other weak sides and make something useful that maybe one person could not make and maintain. I just wanted to know do you guys know any website, club, app or anything where people who want to start an online business together could meet. By meet i mean like start that business i am not talking about networking.


Jack Davis
This best place is to go where founders hang out. I know Start Up School (SUS) from Y Combinator was introducing a new tool to match cofounders . I have not personally used it so I am not sure how helpful it is. Also maybe check out . I think you could also meet people in person and you could do this going to startup / tech conferences, but this is obviously hard as Covid is ongoing. Even Product Hunt can be a great place to meet some people. I agree it can be hard to find the right people so good luck.
Ronak Kadhi
Hello Ayush, some pages on Indie hacker are useful. Lets connect even I'm looking for the same thing. Can DM me on twitter @ronakkadhi