Is teaming or hunting in packs a new trend in the gig economy?

Pavel Shynkarenko
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The first time I heard the term "hunting in packs" or "teaming" about freelancing was in 2020. Of course, for many years, freelancers on marketplaces have united to proceed with orders together, but marketplaces have tried to block this. Now I see that marketplaces are moving towards creating special functionality for teams. As I understand, according to economic theory, all the processes in societies are constantly becoming more complicated and labor is more and more diversified. The people become deeper specialized. So, this diversification now we can see in freelance. Of course, the pandemic has strengthened the trend of project employment, and, possibly, scaled to a new level the work of independent contractors. High-qualified contractors began not only to fulfill orders themselves but also starts to unite in situational groups, competing with small and boutique firms. Their competitive advantage includes at least a minimum of administrative and corporate costs, faster and less formal communication. What do you think about that?
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