Is Product Hunt the right place to post AI products?

Smith Lavvy
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AI products, especially online AI tools, are quite a niche. As a developer of AI-based image editing tools, I want to reach greater audience and I've posted 3 AI products on Product Hunt but it getting featured is difficult. I am wondering if PH the right platform for AI products launches? Are there any alternative platforms for new products to be launched for free?


Fabian Maume
Well gpt-3 product were quite successful but they are more targeted to marketer. I would say PH will be good for brand awareness but not necessary to get user. For developer audience I would rather use: - Indie hacker - Twitter - GitHub You can use Github API to extract the stargazer of a specific repo and make a custom twitter audience to run PPC on Twitter. That works quite well for niche product.
Siddhesh Lokare
PH is a perfect place to launch anything that involves tech! You have my wishes.