Is it still required to give the product for free to get users in 2022?

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we created couple of seo tools for keyword analysis and prediction analysis. Do we need to release those tools to the market for free for couple of years to acquire users?


Atul Ghorpade
Marketer. SEO. Love to engage.
There always should be limited free tools. It gives users and they can take subscription after some time.
David Babins
Niche businesses, marketing etc...
Well worth reading throughout the following thread to help to decide the best ways and options! ... :)
William Wildridge
Founder of WiggleDesk. Ex-Google DS
It helps to get users to the 'Aha Moment' much quicker and for more users.
Ng Fang Kiang
Digital Nomad & Remote Work @
Yes. Even if it is free, it is difficult to acquire users. Without having a free plan, you might need lots of budget.
Talia Bender
Marketing Lead @ Ultralytics
We have found that providing free tools garners a good following. However, now that our open-source product has become quite popular, we are now tackling the challenge of converting free users to paid :)